Malow Mac - All White Roses 2017 - Rap Supremo

martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

Malow Mac - All White Roses 2017

Malow Mac - All White Roses


01.‐ All White Roses
02.‐ Shorty Come And Roll With Me (feat. Samantha)
03.‐ I Rather Be Your T.H.U.G.G
04.‐ Feeling You (feat. Natalie)
05.‐ Cruising The Streets
06.‐ I'm Your Puppet
07.‐ My Angel
08.‐ My Candy Lady
09.‐ Arms Around A Soldier
10.‐ Do You Wanna Get High
11.‐ My Gangster Girl
12.‐ A Little Oldie Jam
13.‐ Never Giving Up On You (feat. Fingazz)
14.‐ Flawless (feat. Bobby Anthony)
15.‐ Always Gone (feat. NB Ridaz)
16.‐ So Fine (feat. Mr. Criminal)
17.‐ Cloud 9 (feat. NB Ridaz)
18.‐ Summertime Loving
19.‐ Just Want To Play With You
20.‐ You Could Run The Streets (feat. Legendary Mafia)


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