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jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Interviews: Snowgoons (English Version)

Hello everyone. As one of the editors of Rap let me start off and say that it is an absolute joy and privilege to do this interview with you: First off.....

  •         How do you define "The Snowgoons"?

The Snowgoons are a group of Hip Hop producers composed by Det Gunner, DJ Illegal, Sicknature & JS Kuster and representing the true Hip Hop culture. DJing, MCing, Graffiti and all that.

  • How was group founded?

The crew was founded around 1999 by Det Gunner and DJ Illegal starting with Mixtapes before even producing.

  • How many members are in the group?
We are 4 main members, but there are also 4 other DJs in the DJ's Snowgoons team, Crypt, Danetic, Sixkay and XRated.
This recent album Goon Bap is a bomb and feels the essence of classic hip hop,

  • How was it recording with the M.C.'s that participated on this project?
Since there are so many MCs on the album, it was difficult to do so. But most of the Rappers were driven by the same passion for Music as the Snowgoons so it all came out as it is.

  • What about the writing? What is your inspiration?
Sicknature is the only rapper on the crew is inspired by most of the actual events and of course, coming from the 90's era a real head of Hip Hop. We are all inspired by the 90's and the Golden Age of Hip Hop not only when it comes to writing but also when rhythms are produced.

  • Does it take days to create a song? Is there a process for writing or constructing your music?
Really most songs take a while especially when more than 1 MC is involved. Sometimes we also fix the rhythm and refresh it or change something when we get the rap part of the MC. It is important to work on songs to improve.

  • Who were your influences?
Obviously many of the artists of the 90s like DJ Premier, Onyx, MOP, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Pete Rock, Large Pro and many more.

  • Your opinions on the Trap movement and today's music. Are you fans of it?

If you talk about Trap it's not really our cup of tea. But we do not care much about the new style. We are happy and free to make our own music and focus on that. We just want to make good music and good music is timeless.

  •              Your music, is it available on CD's or is                                everything in digital format?

We make CDs and also Vinyls. As I said before we represent culture and vinyl was always part of the culture. Even if sales are not there anymore, but it is important for us to make a physical release. It is not about money is for collectors and hobbyists who still love CD or vinyl.

  • What brought you to our site? How did you find out about us?
I came across the online blog for a post. We always wanted to come to Mexico and bring the sound of Goon MuSick to South America. Hopefully we can do it soon.

  • We hope so as well. The interest and response from European Hip-Hop has grown in Mexico. For now that would be all. Thank you for participating in this interview. Myself and the rest of the staff wish you guys the absolute best in all of your future projects. Once again, thank you.

Special thanks to DJ Illegal.

     Best regards ● Freundliche Grüße

Andreas (Snowgoons PR)

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