Twisted Insane - The Last Demon 2014 (U.S.A) - Rap Supremo

viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

Twisted Insane - The Last Demon 2014 (U.S.A)

1.Twisted Insane - The Last Demon
2.Twisted Insane - ILL Smith (feat. Rittz)
3.Twisted Insane - The Initial High
4.Twisted Insane - N.T.S.
5.Twisted Insane - Die Slow
6.Twisted Insane - I Went Insane (feat. Jelly Roll)
7.Twisted Insane - Quit
8.Twisted Insane - Dreamin
9.Twisted Insane - I Created War
10.Twisted Insane - Speak of the Devil
11.Twisted Insane - Slippin (feat. Khadijah Lopez)
12.Twisted Insane - Insanes Interlude
13.Twisted Insane - Fee Fi Fo Fum (feat. Iso)
14.Twisted Insane - Behind the Mask
15.Twisted Insane - Floor Boards (feat. Kamikazi)
16.Twisted Insane - Fusion (feat. Charlie Ray)
17.Twisted Insane - Life After Death (feat. Aqualeo)
18.Twisted Insane - Gangsta
19.Twisted Insane - Make It Out of This Room
20.Twisted Insane - Spell On You
21.Twisted Insane - Somethin Scary
22.Twisted Insane - The Good the Bad and the Ugly